Cari Rincker and Pat Dillon teamed up to co-author the “Field Manual: Legal Guide for New York Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs” to serve as a practical guide for different segments of the agriculture industry. It gives a general overview of a myriad of food and agriculture law issues including business formation, contract law, confidentiality, farm leases, environmental regulation, animal law, land use and zoning, right-to-farm law, intellectual property, farm transportation, employment and labor law, property law, wind energy leases, direct farm marketing, cottage food operations, food labeling, and on-farm poultry slaughter. It’s a “must read” for New York farms, agri-business owners, and food entrepreneurs to help them understand the breadth of laws that affect their business.


Field Manual: A Legal Guide for New York Farms & Food Entrepreneurs, is available in paperback and digitally for Kindle. Coming to itunes soon!